1. Noise Improv I (HT094)
    Subversive Intentions

  2. Altitude sickness (HT 093)
    Peter Kris

  3. Zgomot rugină (HT092)

  4. Keeping the River Beautifully Messy - Five Years of Histamine Tapes (HT091)
    Various Artists

  5. Afghanistan Mon Amour (HT090)
    Afghanistan Mon Amour

  6. hydration / development (HT089)
    nd dentico

  7. Histamine Tapes 2023

  8. Prairie Dogs (HT088)
    Robert Eggplant

    Demetrio Cecchitelli

  10. GarageBand
    Apple Store Sessions

  11. Anthropocene’s Apocalypse and other various anxieties (HT086)
    Another Dark December

  12. Itinere (HT085)
    Paco Maddalena

  13. you drown out the crowd (HT084)

  14. Collab 58m (HT083)
    Sound_00 + Lefterna

  15. SUPINE (HT082)

  16. Another Dark December [2022 Remaster] (HT081)
    Another Dark December

  17. Antihistamine 2022 (HT080)
    Various Artists

  18. On a River in the Ocean (HT079)
    nd dentico

  19. Histamine Tapes 2022

  20. I am a car, I am a car driver (HT078)
    howdy's hem

  21. Audio Scrap Booking (Remaster) (HT077)
    Subversive Intentions

  22. The Metallic Industrial Other (HT076)
    Jo Bled

  23. Y (HT075)
    nd dentico

  24. Memoria (HT074)
    Heavy Cloud

  25. Gondola (HT073)

  26. Syndications of Nu-Jazz Environmentalism (HT072)
    Subversive Intentions

  27. rafraîchissant (HT071)
    Alexander Adams

  28. In Stasis (HT070)

  29. Talking to Trees (HT069)
    The Corrupting Sea

  30. Found at Mallory Brook (HT68)
    nd dentico

  31. From Sand to Glass (HT067)

  32. Dive (HT066)

  33. The Marble Admiral (HT065)
    Obsidian Shard

  34. Sound Art House Part (HT064)
    Various Artists

  35. Sinistre (HT063)

  36. Endless Rust on Plastic Ribbon: IV Track Studies of 2021 (HT062)
    nd dentico

  37. Gneiss Schist (HT 061)
    Glacial Erratics

  38. IV Track Studies: Mood for Tape Loops

  39. Antihistamine 2021 (HT 060)

  40. Post Soviet Aggression (HT059)
    Poverty Line

  41. Histamine Tapes 2021

  42. IV Track Studies: Tape Loop With Effects

  43. Enstatic (HT058)

  44. Void (HT057)

  45. Live at Gloom Garden 01/12/2020 (HT056)
    Glacial Erratics

  46. IV Track Studies: Digital Loop Vs Tape Loop
    nd dentico

  47. Inulin A: for VT Drone Day 2021 (HT055)
    nd dentico

  48. Hakanai (HT054)
    Carlos Ferreira

  49. Stare Through This Mirror to Your Mirror at Home (HT053)
    Consumer Reducer

  50. IV Track Studies: Long Form Cut Up
    nd dentico

  51. La Orilla en la Que Habito (HT052)
    Bahía Mansa

  52. POLLUTANT 5 (HT051)

  53. IV Track Studie: Beats
    nd dentico

  54. IV Track Studies: Noise
    nd dentico

  55. IV Track Studies: Freeze

  56. Lazy Cooking (HT050)
    Takahiro Mukai

  57. The hottest year on record (2020 Remix)

  58. Simeon (HT049)

  59. are you tired (HT048)
    mourning dove

  60. Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound (HT047)
    Various Artists

  61. Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene (HT046)
    Subversive Intentions

  62. Illogical Irrational Dimensions (HT045)
    Lichti Rahn

  63. The Natural Bridge (HT044)
    Cloud Dweller

  64. Stay Home (HT043)
    The COVID 19

  65. In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act (HT042)
    Lichti Rahn

  66. The Heavy Compilation (HT041)
    Various Artists

  67. Volume -1 (HT040)
    nd dentico & Jacob Daniel Leverque Baird

  68. Cicatrix (HT039)

  69. My Eyes are on Mute (HT038)
    nd dentico

  70. Brunswick (HT037)
    nd dentico

  71. The Accumulation and The Radiate (HT036)
    Jo Bled

  72. It Could All Be Different (HT035)

  73. common quale (HT034)

  74. Carriage House (HT033)
    Liquid Maus

  75. Ontology (HT032)
    The Corrupting Sea

  76. Antihistamine 2019 (HT031)

  77. Feathered Cephalopod Journal (HT030)
    Subversive Intentions

  78. I am Hitting My Head Against the Walls (HT029)
    Greg Nahabedian

  79. Maybe In My Next Life (HT028)
    Empathy Family

  80. Everything Ends at the End of the Universe (HT027)
    A Forest Opera

  81. () (HT026)

  82. Lions (HT025)

  83. Conversations (HT024)
    Robert Cole Rizzi

  84. Between All Forms (HT023)

  85. Somewhere Legacy (HT022)
    Moon Dream

  86. Skychief (HT021)

  87. Afternoons In The Valley (HT020)
    Peter Kris

  88. shiver (HT019)

  89. Antihistamine 2018 (HT018)
    Various Artist

  90. Lonely Psalms (HT017)

  91. Scapes and Devotions (HT016)
    Christopher Flores

  92. Book of Endangered Species (HT015)

  93. It Sounds Like Vermont (HT014)

  94. Five Pieces (HT013)

  95. Inner Work (HT012)
    Brian James Griffith

  96. Anxiety in an Age of Chaos (HT011)

  97. Open Colour (HT010)
    Blanket Swimming

  98. Gardiner's Bay Phantoms (HT009)
    Cario Canio

  99. Your Skin, My Mask (HT008)
    building castles out of matchsticks

  100. Vacant Shade (HT007)

  101. Four Worlds (HT006)
    Endless Chasm

  102. Move, Work, Architectural Witch (HT005)
    Jacob Levesque

  103. Reticent (HT004)
    Jeff Brown

  104. Variations on the Seinfeld theme (HT003)
    Subversive Intentions

  105. micro doses (HT002)

  106. No Synth Noise Compilation 2017 (HT001)


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